mother juggling2When I was a busy professional, juggling multiple responsibilities on top of keeping up with my friends, my boyfriends, my social gatherings and my travels, I remember thinking what a good multi-tasker I was, to somehow keep all of this in order.

Those are now the days I look back on with envy for having so much “me” time. The days where I could focus on balancing work with so many other enjoyable activities.  (You know what I am talking about here, right, Mothers?)

Yet, with this envy of my mostly unrestricted past, I would never substitute my life, now, as a single mother of five precious children (who I endearingly call, my “Tribe”).  First and foremost, I get to enjoy unconditional love on steroids here!  And so, with this impulse, I have so much more to share with the world than just my personal wants, needs and pleasures.

Now that I run my own home business so that I can be here for my kids, I have turned into a Multi-Tasker Master.  What really works for me is staying in the moment with my tasks in hand, allowing the Divine flow of the day have its way.  When I remain in the moment instead of somewhere else, and thinking of what else needs to be done, I am productive, present and, most importantly, FLEXIBLE!

I am often asked this,  “OMG, are all these kids yours?  How do you do it?”  Recently, a single mom shared how hard it is to have three kids, even though her mother and father were usually by her side, helping out when possible. One day, when she was on her complaining track, I interjected that I have five kids and no family to assist me. Her mouth dropped.  Her son responded with, “See, mom, she’s got it harder than you. Now you’ve gotta stop complaining!” She no longer complains…well, at least in front of me!

Of course, it is challenging to be a single mom of a child or of children!  Imagine, however, if this woman was mindful enough to see the exponential waste of energy that she is putting into complaining and self-pity, instead of tapping into the exponential fullness of love and immense blessings?  If she changed her perspective, how drastically different do you think life would be for her?

If I wanted to, I could easily come up with too many reasons why I should feel badly for myself. Can’t you? But how does that help you? And more importantly, help your children?

I am far from perfect. I am constantly trying to figure out how to be a better mother.  I get stressed and I lose my temper. I am human and I am consciously working to do better.  The best thing I can do is to be in the moment – to enjoy the craziness of the unending tasks that come my way every day.  Yes, I said it, enjoy it!

At the end of the day – at the end of our lives – we will look back and remember where we shared the love, not where we shared the complaints and pity.

The real deal for me is the choice to sprinkle gratitude on unconditional love, and to then watch the magic grow.  Watch your tasks get done, eventually, when you remain in gratitude with a loving flow.  We put so much extra pressure on ourselves when we are so blessed to be given the gift and role of parent.  When we remember that thought from a heart space, and carry forth, from task to task, then, really, anything becomes possible.

Wendy Sue Noah's Family II

It’s so easy to be taken away by the demands of our children and of life in general. That is why it is also so very important to take time out for you, too. Self-care is essential. For me, I go hiking and hug trees. Or go for a yoga class or for a sauna and swim at the gym.  Sometimes, I simply close my eyes, breathe deeply, and feel the presence of the ‘All That Is’ inside me.

What’s your favorite self-care? I suggest to add that to your To Do list each week, and thank your lucky stars for your life and your blessings!  Go with the flow, my friend, and allow unconditional love to be your fuel…