A Mother’s Musings – Snowfall

by Judith Lee Herbert



 Clouds surround us in the mountains

of Estes Park, in August.

I am elated, driving through the blizzard,

Dana, at ten, in the back seat,

Allan at my side.

We follow the dim red glow of tail lights

slowly, through fog’s fluffy whiteness.

Descending mountain curves,

I am soaring through silvery light.


Last night I dreamed that

my mother drove through a snowstorm

to visit me.

I opened the car door.

Cold frosty snow covered

her clothes, face, lashes.

She’d forgotten to close the windows.

Occasionally a glimpse of her

through snowflakes.

Who she once was, covered by

 a layer of frozenness,

 a blanket of whiteness.

Judith Lee Herbert has returned to poetry after a successful career in another field.  She graduated Cum Laude in English Literature from Columbia University.  She has a daughter who is a sophomore in college, and she lives in New York City, with her husband, who writes plays.  She had her daughter while in her 40s.

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by Marc Parsont

shoesOur kids keep us running from sports, to birthdays, to holidays and I finally figured out that I’m in the wrong business.  I should have been a shoe salesman. My daughter, “L,” dances ballet, plays soccer and appears to be on a course to pass Imelda Marcos for her shoe collection.

My son, “B,” plays soccer, started wrestling, basketball, baseball and if it’s not bad enough that each of those sports requires different footwear, it appears as if his feet have taken his body hostage. His feet must be screaming, “Feed Me Seymour,” like the plant from “Little Shop of Horrors,” because they’re growing like weeds!  Kid’s shoes have always been good business, but now it has become big fashion as well. [Read More…]

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The Enigma of Adoption

by John M. Simmons

older children adoption courtSo… is adoption an institution of saintly parents rescuing abandoned children from orphanages and people who steal Christmas Oranges from orphans?

Is it a multibillion dollar business that exploits young, inexperienced mothers-to-be and pressures them into giving up their babies with tales of how incompetent they are compared to wise and rich parents who have been cursed with infertility but blessed with enough money to buy whatever they want?

Is it a villainous underworld that steals children away from their home countries and cultures? Is adoption a Divine practice? Is it a devil? Is it a sheepskin used to cover wolves? [Read More…]

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Balancing Life and Death (In Honor of My Dad)

by Nicholas D'Ambra

Nicholas D'Ambra's dad IIII lost my Dad just over two years ago.  I was there when he passed away.  I watched him.  I told him it was okay to let go; all the while, I was dying inside.

His death was the single most debilitating experience of my life.  It felt as if the ground beneath me had given way.  Nothing made sense or seemed to contain purpose.  The blurry empty feeling followed me through those auto-piloted days of making arrangements.  Everything felt irrelevant. Nothing mattered anymore.  I wondered why we bothered…any of us.  The pain was overwhelmingly immense.  It was so excruciating that I wanted to disappear forever.

For a split second in time,  I reasoned that my husband would be okay and maybe grateful not to have me so sad all the time.  Everyone would be.  Except my son.  I couldn’t allow my own grief to become his. [Read More…]

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My Thanksgiving Thoughts….Starting With Halloween

by Marc Parsont

Happy Thanksgiving“She who must be obeyed,” blames my son’s bad table manners (and manners in general) on my lack of couth and a poor upbringing.  I agree that I lack myriad social graces, but my wife disagrees that my atrocious manners stem from my difficult upbringing as a single child.  My brother disagrees with this interpretation as well.

(With that in mind…) I am going to use my dismal table manners to teach your family, children and adults alike, the proper way to enjoy Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving preparations begin with Halloween.   Apart from problems such as stroke and coronary disease, everyone needs to start eating twice as much food as they normally do.   [Read More…]

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Happy Thanksgiving! My VERY Favorite Clips!

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Jo-Ann Rogan

SweatpantsWe are quickly approaching the stimulus overload, food holidays. These holidays clash completely with my kids and their special needs.

In the short time my kids have been alive we have spent three holidays in an emergency room. Three.  The first one came as my youngest was just being diagnosed with his five anaphylactic food allergies. We were at the playground over a long holiday weekend.

My son, then a toddler, decided to sample a peanut butter sandwich that was on the tray of a stroller. He wound up having an anaphylaxis and I used his Epi-pen on him to save his life. Every single professional I encountered at the hospital told me over and over that I had saved my son’s life that day. It is something I can never forget. [Read More…]

17 Great Tips Regarding Food, Compulsive Eating and The Holiday Season

by Irene Celcer



Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah and New Year may be very stressful holidays for women. The holiday season is a time that is supposed to be about thankfulness, giving and receiving, and celebration. But, it may be torturous to some women.


Not only does a woman need to prepare the food for those who will come to celebrate with her, but also she must not eat it, in order to look her best. Looking her best is an expectation when it comes to holiday parties, but the duality of preparing food and not eating eat it, plus the stress of having family join you may send many (if not every woman in the planet), straight into compulsive-eating mode. [Read More…]

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Daylight Saving Time is a Waste of My Time

by Nicholas D'Ambra

Daylight-Savings-time_0Throughout most of my adult life Daylight Saving Time meant nothing to me, save for the fact that every fall I got an extra hour of sleep.  I was only mildly annoyed that I lost that same hour every spring. That was the case…until I had kids.  Our daughter was born in June.  Sleepless nights were the joy of our summer this year.

Having a five year old boy running around (reminding us that he doesn’t nap anymore) only made that fuzzy glow around each day that much fuzzier.  There were no “nap when she naps.”  By the end of September she was finally sleeping through the night.  Some parents have looked at us in awe over this.  Let me be clear, it was no easy feat.

We aren’t the “cry it out” parents so the Furber method was out.  We are not those “extremely patient” parents so the letting-the-child-decide-when-they-are-ready-to-sleep method was out as well. [Read More…]

Ten Tips for Keeping Peace in the Family during the Holidays

By Phyllis Goldberg, Ph.D. and Rosemary Lichtman, Ph.D.



Media images of the holidays are often exaggerated and, before you know it, you’re trying to conform to unrealistic ideals. Combined with the added pressures and demands on your time, this can lead to overload. Just remember that nothing is perfect.

Now that the holiday season is swiftly approaching, you may be wondering if your dysfunctional family dynamics will surface as soon as you get together. Are you worried that your mother’s inquisitive nature will scare off the first girlfriend your son’s had in years? Or that your mother-in-law will think less of you because you didn’t ask her to bring the dessert? [Read More…]

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