Day 1: Begin the New Year with Self-Love
Day 2: Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places
Day 3: Self-Love Habits
Day 4: Law of Attraction in Action: Self-Love
Day 5: “I Love Me” Tip: Buy a Brand Name Product
Day 6: The Right Best Friend–YOU
Day 7: What You’re Not vs. What You Are
Day 8: “I Love Me” Tip: Say “I Love Me” As Often As Possible
Day 9: Boost Self-Love with Self-Care
Day 10: Why We Stay Stuck
Day 11: Law of Attraction in Action: Your Body
Day 12: Losing Weight with Self-Compassion
Day 13: “I Love Me” Tip: Say Schedule a “ME Day”
Day 14: Do You Choose to Be a Victim?
Day 15: “I Love Me” Tip: Self-Hugs
Day 16: Using Meditation to Fall in Love with You
Day 17: Self-Love Tip: Learn from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Day 18: Law of Attraction in Action: Resistance
Day 19: Lowering Resistance Part 2
Day 2: Finding Self-love in a Challenging Life
Day 21: “I Love Me” Tip: Let Faith Support You
Day 22: Stop Being So Hard On Yourself!
Day 23: “I love me” Tip: Take a Break from Stress
Day 24: “Why Am I Choosing to Do This?”
Day 25: Law of Attraction in Action: Jealousy
Day 26: Unstoppable in Stilettos–Interview with Lauren Ruotolo
Day 27: How Do I Love Me? Here Are Some Ways
Day 28: Redefining Love Life
Day 29: Be Your Own Best Diplomat
Day 30: “I Love Me!” Tip: Consciously Make An Effort To Eat Healthier
Day 31: What Self-Love Is and Isn’t

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