Cyma Shapiro, 56, is the writer and executive director of the art gallery show NURTURE: Stories of New Midlife Mothers, and the writer/creator of NURTURE features a collection of 25 (out of 60) stories told through words and photos, of women from across the country who chose motherhood over 40. Both endeavors are intended to celebrate midlife mothers — women choosing motherhood over 40 through adoption, in vitro, natural childbirth, surrogacy, fostering, guardianship and blending stepfamilies.

Cyma remains dedicated to providing this burgeoning group with a voice, face and forum. She recently published The Zen of Midlife Mothering (essays from MotheringintheMiddle) representing the work of 50 out of more than 110 contributors (570 posts) published in less than three years. The Zen is the first anthology written by and for midlife mothers (and fathers) currently on the market.

A writer, former journalist, blogger and businessperson, Cyma brings years of varied personal experience to all her endeavors. New older motherhood provided the “fire” for these projects and a return to her creative roots. In addition to being a mom to 9 and 11-year-old children, and 28 and 30-year-old stepchildren, this is her latest ‘baby!’ Currently, Cyma is working on a variety of other midlife mother projects.

Cyma’s articles can be found on a variety of websites ranging from Huffington Post to Psychology Today and Imago International. She was featured on NPR and in several recent talk radio shows including “Feisty Side of Fifty” and “The Author’s Show.” Cyma is available for speaking engagements, radio interviews and writing assignments. For more information, contact


Here I am again, in my own space – as much a product of my own imagination as of your needs!

The response to our NURTURE blog ( has been overwhelming. We’ve been able to secure nationally recognized authors, experts and writers whose work involves and intersects with midlife mothers. MLM’s are women over 40 who chose motherhood (first, repeat, or last-time) through in vitro, natural childbirth, surrogacy, fostering, guardianship, adoption, and blending stepfamilies. Midlife Mothers (MLMs) R Us!

The NURTURE website ( and blog will remain dedicated to our traveling art gallery show NURTURE: Stories of New Midlife Mothers. will expound upon the quality and breadth of topics previously written, while continuing to explore new territory. Here, we will intersperse daily experiences with thoughtful commentary and essays. We will regularly feature guest writers whose expertise extends far beyond ours! As midlife mothers, we are an increasingly growing group of women (one+ million strong) with varied voices, philosophies and ideologies, and (very) differing lives. We live in various configurations of family units; we range in age from 38 -70+. However, we share one common theme: the overriding desire to nurture and be mothers. And, we are doing do so at an age which would have been considered “too old” even a decade ago.

Ask us and we’ll all say that we’re just “living our lives.” (We’re as surprised as you are about how our lives have unfolded!) However, without meaning to, we are also breaking barriers, dispelling myths, providing role models for subsequent generations of women, and giving voice (and face) to who we are and what we’re all about. We are redefining the term “middle age.” We now represent the family of the future. In fact, the traditional two-gender, two-parent family model, commonly formed in early adulthood, is becoming a “thing of the past.” Add to this, the newest group – new older fathers – redefining the family model as Mr. Moms, and as parents at an age usually reserved for retirement!

We hope to inform, inspire and support you in your journey. We also hope that our life experiences will help you find comfort and confirmation. Should you wish to read about a specific topic, please let us know. Have a comment about something you’ve already read, give us a shout. We are all here and ready to share our lives with you. We have something to say, and very much hope you’ll enjoy reading it. Above all things, we all love writing about it!

As always, all my best,

Cyma Shapiro