I’m a big believer in spreading the wealth and joy. I’m also a big believer in community and collaboration. So, it is in this spirit that I decided to print the above-named list, recently compiled by www.NursingSchools.net. Sure, it pays to be #1 (NURTURE: Stories of New Midlife Mothers/www.midlifemothers.org) and #15 (www.MotheringintheMiddle.com)– both my creations and my newest“babies.” It also pays to share the guts and glory of midlife motherhood together. I hope I can offer the writings of some of these bloggers in the near future. For now, they are a compendium for you to sample. Enjoy!

  1. NURTURE: Nurture offers a collection of stories about new midlife mothers.
  2. Antique Mommy: This mom had her first and only child at nearly 44, and prefers to be called “antique.”
  3. First Time Mom Over 40: This blogger became a first time mom at 42, and highlights other women who have given birth after 35 and 40.
  4. My Year of Spending Less and Living More: Follow this blog to learn about a midlife mom on a financial mission.
  5. Midlife Mom: Rebecca Haynes discusses navigating the teen years and beyond as a midlife mom.
  6. Home on the Range: On this blog, a midlife mom shares her love on the Maine wilderness, her family, and horses.
  7. In Sock Monkey Slippers: Read this blog for musings from a midlife mom wearing sock monkey slippers.
  8. Mid Life Mommy: Danielle feels as though she was woken up to life as it was meant to be when she had her daughter.
  9. MidAge Mom: Midlife meets motherhood on Jennifer Bingham Hull’s blog.
  10. In the Mind of a Thirtysomething Mom: On this blog, you’ll look into the thoughts of a thirtysomething mom.
  11. MomAgain@40: Karen is a mom with a two year old and a teenager over the age of 40.
  12. Just a Minute Mom: Just a Minute Mom is all about life as ordinary, middle aged moms of tweens, teens, and beyond.
  13. Tiramisu Mom: Tiramisu Mom shares her life as a thirtysomething mom, including bathing suit shopping for the formerly hot.
  14. Motherhood Later Than Sooner: Motherhood Later Than Sooner is written for moms with more life experience than baby experience.
  15. Mothering in the Middle: Mothering in the Middle shares news and resources for new midlife moms.
  16. Midlife Mom: Melissa Lee shares her random thoughts as she becomes a mom in her forties.
  17. Musings of a Middle Aged Mom: Lisa shares her life as a mom of twins and mother in law.
  18. You Can Get Pregnant in Your 40s: This blog discusses how you can get pregnant at age 40 or even beyond.
  19. Infertility Blog: Dr. Licciardi’s blog offers help for those who have trouble conceiving.
  20. Pregnancy Over 44: On this blog, you’ll read stories of pregnancy and birth past 44 years old.
  21. A Baby Boomer Woman’s Life After 50: Find out what this mom’s life is like after 50.
  22. Fertility Blog: Follow this blog for information about fertility, IVF, and TTC.
  23. Midlife Army Wife: Read this blog about a new midlife Army wife and homeschool mom.
  24. 999 Reasons to Laugh at Infertility: If you’re having trouble conceiving in midlife, laugh at infertility with this blog.
  25. New Midlife Mommy: This blogger discusses becoming a midlife mom after fertility.
  26. Kat Wilder: Kat Wilder is a divorced single mom in midlife.
  27. Confessions of a Mean Mommy: Denise writes about her thoughts on becoming a middle aged mom.
  28. Midlife Mama: This 40ish single mom shares her life with her daughters on this blog.
  29. The Midlife Woman: The Midlife Woman discusses home, family, food, and blogging.
  30. Mom to the Screaming Masses: Carmen is a middle aged mom to 6, and yes, she knows how it happened.
  31. Adventures of a Middle Age Mom: Darlene writes about being a middle aged mom to two teens, and almost being done with the daily heavy lifting job of being a mom.
  32. Refresh Moments: Mary Pielenz Hampton is a midlife mom turning the daily into devotion on her blog.
  33. Diaries of an Older Mom: Deborah Owensby Moore loves to discuss her life as an older mom.
  34. Ponderings of a Middle-Aged Mom: Read this mom’s thoughts on life, family, and everything in between.
  35. The MisAdventures of an (almost) Midlife Mom: This mom is ready to take on midlife-almost.
  36. Diary of a Middle Aged Mom: Carrie’s blog takes a look at the life of a middle aged mom.
  37. My So-Called Midlife: Karina Bland writes about meatloaf cupcakes, the blessings of insomnia, and other joys of midlife motherhood.
  38. Flower Power Mom: Flower Power Mom shares the truth about after-40 motherhood.
  39. Digital Mom Blog: Written for moms of any age, this blog is great for modern moms with careers.
  40. Pregnancy Stories by Age: Read these pregnancy stories of women in their 40s and beyond.